Vessel Tracking Solutions

Citracks Vessel Telematics Solutions are optimized to provide real-time, remote vessel tracking, monitoring and control for boats and marine fleets in general travelling global waters. We offer a robust, cost-effective and intelligent solution for your vessel monitoring needs. It is the only solution that provides real global coverage and comes with many unique features.

One of those features and probably the most important; it offers the ability to adapt to the needs of the end customer.

Our VTS collects vessel positions using the Global Navigation Satellite Signals GNSS and sends them to the Telematic Data (TDS) communication server. Citracks Vessel Tracking System Terminal intelligently transmits data via either the GSM/GPRS terrestrial network or the Iridium satellite network at predefined intervals.

For the optimization of your vessel’s performance, our VTS provides you access to the following data;

tracked ship vessels on sea
  • Travelled routes and distances
  • Speed and heading
  • Geographical coordinates
  • Communication status
  • Terminal performance status
  • Power source status
  • Sensor readings
  • Short ASCII messages
  • Small size file transfer
  • Alerts.

Today, highly accurate and reliable measurement and communication technologies make keeping track of fuel consumption much easier to manage. The challenge is to find a complete marine fuel management product family that can scale up or down to meet the specific requirements of the diverse vessels.

FuelTrax eFMS Solution is a complete Marine fuel management system and cost-effective approach to measuring, monitoring, and reporting fuel usage on a boat or ship with the goals of reducing fuel usage, increasing operational efficiencies and improving fleet management oversight.

Citracks ensure FuelTrax EFMS is properly installed in vessels to provide not only the basic consumption measurement and reporting but also, be able to scale up with options for measuring the following related activities.

FuelTRAX EFMS comes with the following features;

  • Fuel Consumption by Activity
  • Bunker Delivery and Shore Side Reporting
  • Fuel Tank Inventory
  • Fuel Cargo Delivery
  • Throttle optimization settings via Best Speed, BestEconomy and Best Trip.
Vessel tracker

Global Instant Fleet Positions


Real-time operations monitoring


Long-term position history, statistics, performance assessment


Cost-efficient: lowest per-message cost, convenient flat rates


Comprehensive weather information


Iridium satellite communication backup system; Iridium Satellite is the only mobile satellite service company offering pole-to-pole coverage over the entire globe. The Iridium constellation of LEO, cross-linked satellites provides data services for areas not served by terrestrial communication networks

Your vessels are alone at sea, far from the port and you may not know what is happening to them. With our VTS solutions, we are providing you with a way to watch over your business assets wherever they are in the world.