Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring

Whatever kind of business you run, whatever you do, you need to know where your asset is and how it is functioning.

Owning and managing vehicles is capital intensive. There is need for fleet owners and managers to find innovative and cost-effective methods for managing their vehicles. This is achieved by employing technology-driven solutions that make processes more efficient and cost-optimized.

Citracks provides a wide range of telematics solutions that improve security and control of asset activities.

  • Real-time fuel monitoring
  • Mobile Application; Android/iOS
  • Geo-fencing
  • Driver Behavior
  • Live Dashboard
  • Driver Identification, Security and Control
  • User Access and Management
  • Alerts and Multiple events
Vehicle tracking with GPS
  • Our Vehicle solution reduces running costs by tracing fuel consumption trends
  • Easier scheduling of vehicle maintenance
  • Discover your best-behaved drivers and better employee management strategies
  • Immobilizer – shut down your vehicle if stolen or used without authorization
  • Monitor real-time data from a live dashboard
  • Improvement of fleet efficiency and vehicle lifespan